Applied Health Norwich Testimonials.

“Sean is a very knowledgeable therapist who thinks outside the box and believes in what he is doing.   His skills cover more than Bowen Technique, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Allergy and muscle testing.  He is a true holistic healer, who is able to help treat problems of mind, body and soul..”. BM Holistic Psychologist

“I first consulted Sean in August of 2015 regarding food sensitivity, because I had started to experience pains in my hands despite having followed a well know clinic’s anti- arthritic diet for five and a half years. Not only did he diagnose sensitivities about which I was aware, but astonishingly he revealed that I was experiencing sensitivity to cyder vinegar which was the main component of the anti-arthritic diet which I had been following!

Sean’s diagnosis demonstrated the importance of treating each person individually, as we each have different physical make ups and therefore different dietary needs. He also made a number of dietary recommendations in addition to named, good quality, suppliers of vitamins and other supplements.

Thanks to Sean’s knowledge, skills, and resulting recommendations over the years, I am a much healthier and happier person to-day.

Sean is one of the few professional people I have met in my seventy eight years on the planet who truly cares about people’s well being. His humility and generosity of spirit are outstanding. I count myself very fortunate to know him”. D from Leeds